For National HPC Users

Since 1985, SDSC has led the way in deploying and supporting cutting-edge high-performance computing (HPC) and large scale data resources for a wide range of users ranging from campus to the national research community and to industry. From the earliest Cray systems to today’s data-intensive systems, SDSC has focused on providing innovative architectures and data resources designed to keep pace with the changing needs of science and engineering. Along with resources, SDSC’s HPC, data science, and cyberinfrastructure researchers and staff collaborate with the academic and industrial user community to enable breakthrough scientific research and provide solutions to complex problems.

HPC Systems and Storage

Whether you're looking to expand computing beyond your lab or a business looking for that competitive advantage, SDSC's HPC experts will guide potential users in selecting the right resource, thereby reducing time to solution while taking your science to the next level.

HPC Compute Systems


Support and Expertise

SDSC’s nationally recognized computational, data-science and cyberinfrastructure researchers and staff have expertise in parallel computing, single processor and parallel performance scaling and turning, HPC architectures, science gateways, scientific and numerical software, HPC virtualization, data analytics, visualization, workflows, and more.

SDSC researchers have strong track records of successfully obtaining NSF, NIH, DOE, and industrial grants and contracts.