College through Career

SDSC offers hands-on training in computational thinking, high-performance computing and big data exploration to students and researchers at nearly every level of sophistication. SDSC “Training” for research professionals focuses on building their skills to use high-performance computing, data-intensive computing, and data analytics within their own research disciplines – from neuroscience and geophysics to the humanities, arts and social sciences.


Advanced Computing

Training classes and workshops introduce new and current users to high-performance computing, data and visualization resources available at SDSC, and provide the skills necessary to use them.

CIML Summer Institute

SDSC's Cyberinfrastructure-Enabled Machine Learning (CIML) project teaches researchers and students the best practices for effectively running machine learning and data science applications on advanced cyberinfrastructure and high-performance computers.

CIP Fellows Program

The Cyberinfrastructure Professional (CIP) Fellows Program is designed to train and mentor interdisciplinary research-facing professionals with individualized programs in advanced computing and workforce development topics in order to define sustainable career paths.


COMPLECS (COMPrehensive Learning for end-users to Effectively utilize CyberinfraStructure) covers non-programming skills needed to effectively use supercomputers. Topics include parallel computing concepts, Linux tools and bash scripting, security, batch computing, how to get help, data management and interactive computing.

Convergence Research (CORE) Institute

This training program provides graduate students and early and mid-career researchers and professionals with a foundational experience to position them for impact throughout their careers on the most challenging societal issues of our time.

HPC & Data Science Summer Institute

This week-long summer workshop focuses on a broad spectrum of introductory-to-intermediate topics in high-performance computing and data science.

Internet Data Analysis

The Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA) workshops cover various networking-related topics to promote collaboration among researchers and industry professionals.


Big Data Specialization

Unlock value in massive datasets. Learn fundamental big data methods in six straightforward courses through hands-on experience with the tools and systems used by big data scientists and engineers.

UCSanDiegoX's Data Science MicroMasters

Learn data science by doing data science with EdX graduate-level course program designed to advance your career.


CAIDA Research Student

The Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA) connects research projects to students who are interested in working at the forefront of Internet development, measurement, modeling, and research.

HPC Students at SDSC

Educating and training the next generation of High-Performance Computing professionals and researchers, and serving as a bridge between UCSD students and SDSC researchers.

SDSC Co-Curricular Record

UC San Diego has an official record called the Co-Curricular Record (CCR) which highlights student involvement and achievements in opportunities beyond the classroom. SDSC awards CCR credit for approved student positions.