Universal Scale Storage (SDSC Qumulo)

What is Universal Scale Storage?

The SDSC Research Data Services team offers large-scale high-performance storage cluster to campus users, members of the UC community, and UC affiliates. Universal Scale Storage, also known as SDSC Qumulo, is often combined with the compute services at SDSC because of its ease of mounting and high connection speed, making it the preferred storage choice of many researchers who work with Big Data.

The SDSC Universal Scale Storage service provides a secure storage platform offering transparent data protection. File system permissions and secure authentication establish a familiar set of access controls to enable multiuser collaboration while restricting unauthorized access. If a user account or client system is compromised, the data stored on USS will remain protected by an automated snapshot policy that schedules daily snapshots and maintains the last 30 as read-only copies of the entire dataset. Extreme scenarios involving ransomware can be quickly resolved by restoring the last snapshot. Security extends to the underlying hardware, which is physically monitored 24/7 and protected with two factor authentication at the SDSC datacenter.

How Much Does Universal Scale Storage Cost?

ServiceUnitUC RateExternal Rate

Universal Scale Storage
NFS or CIFS/SMB share on a multi-tenant high-performance storage cluster. Can also access via S3 interface. 200 TB minimum for internal, 66 TB minimum for external.


Recharge rates are subject to change with approval from the UC San Diego Recharge Rate Committee. IDC is exempt for UC San Diego users of SDSC Cloud, effective October 10, 2017.When developing budgets for new research proposals, if the eligible cloud computing services are associated with the extramurally funded research, please include these costs in the modifications made to calculate the modified total direct costs (MTDC) so that IDC costs are not added to the proposed budget. Read more about MTDC. Please see https://blink.ucsd.edu/technology/cloud/indirect-cost-exemption.html for more details.

How Do I Get Universal Scale Storage?

Send a request to the SDSC Research Data Services team at services@sdsc.edu.