Spatial Data

Spatial Information Systems Lab

The Spatial Information Systems Lab conducts research and develops technologies and infrastructure that enable users to access, integrate, and manage spatial information. Application domains range from hydrology and environmental sciences, to neuroscience. Working in collaboration with other SDSC R&D Labs and UCSD programs (such as NCMIR, SIO, USP), we support spatial information processing and Web mapping in a variety of projects. Our main research foci are cyberinfrastructure for managing observational data, web services and XML schemas for standards-based data interchange, spatial data integration, and online mapping.

  • Spatial analysis and GIS
  • Spatial data integration and wrappers
  • Web-based interactive mapping
  • XML-based vector graphics
  • Markup languages and standards
  • Web services for spatial and survey data processing
  • Mapping on mobile devices
  • Online GIS within research portals
  • Novel GIS applications in medical informatics, digital brain atlases and atlas data integration
  • OLAP

See details on individual project pages at the lab link above.